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Book takes look at 48 of Bay's Islands

Julian Guthrie, May 28, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle

The coffee-table tome "The Islands of San Francisco Bay" took Marin County photographer James Martin nearly 10 years to produce and cost him $100,000.

Had I known what this really was going to take and cost, I would never have done it," said Martin, who works as a general contractor when he's not doing adventure travel pieces for such magazines as Outside and National Geographic...read thefull article.


On "The Islands of San Francisco Bay".....

"James was inspired... This book is his baby, and whatever chasms he had to hurdle, he was going to bring it through. A lot of people have his level of energy, but few of them have the level of dedication to see something like this through."

Paul McHugh

San Francisco Chronicle, Outdoors


"...I compared notes with photographer James Martin, whose new book, "The Islands of San Francisco Bay" (Down Window, 2006), has established him as a major photographic talent in the region."

Tom Stienstra

San Francisco Chronicle, Outdoors


"A Fascinating Look at the Islands All Around Us

A newly published coffee-table-sized book of uncommon beauty is, in its conception, much more than a fabulous collection of dramatic nature scenery. With striking photographs by Marin County photojournalist and rock climber James Martin -- who conceved and produced the book with the help of Petaluma native and fellow rock climber/photographer Michael Lee --
their collaborative effort aims to capture the wildness of the island habitats in the hope of boosting environmental awareness of San Francisco Bay's unique island ecology." ...read the full article.

Sara Peyton

The Press Democrat, Sunday Edition


"Want to go island-hopping, explore incredibly diverse ecosystems and learn about complex natural and anthropological history? Check out "The Islands of San Francisco Bay" by James A. Martin and Michael T. Lee.... In this thorough exploration of our most prominent geographical feature, we learn about marshes and ghost towns, gulls and pelicans, herons and eagles, seals and deer, pioneers, prisoners and the military, lighthouses, ships and bridges."

Regan McMahon

San Francisco Chronicle


“…an exquisite photographic display of the islands, coupled with excellent accounts of their often little-known histories, and a valuable review of the importance of the bay islands and marshes to native wildlife.”

John P. Kelly, PhD
Director, Conservation Science and Habitat Protection
Cypress Grove Research Center


"IT WASN'T the photographer in him that drove James Martin to create a book about the islands of San Francisco Bay. While Martin is first and foremost a rock climber, with a climber's compact body and focused determination, he's made his living as a pilot, carpenter and photojournalist. After traveling the world in pursuit of those jobs, the idea that an area so close to his San Rafael home could still be wild, unexplored and undocumented became a temptation he couldn't resist." ...read the full article.

Rob Rogers
Marin Independent Journal, Sunday Edition


"Martin's rich, poignant photographs help us visualize the Bay's 48 islands, large and small. Can you name all the islands? Besides well-known isles such as Alcatraz, Alameda and Angel, there are Coon, Jake's and Santa Margarita, all North Bay islands."

Kathleen Grant Gieb

The Oakland Tribune

"Elephant Rock and Rat Rock islands are also part of Martin's lineup. Find out more about Yerba Buena and Treasure islands, plus South Bay spots such as Hook's and Turk. How fortunate we are to live on such a glorious bay."

Kathleen Grant Geib, MediaNews, and Paul Rogers, Mercury News

San Jose Mercury News


ON THE IMAGE OPENING THE MARE ISLAND CHAPTER (CH 7): "This stunning photograph appears in chapter 7, Skaggs & Mare Island, in "The Islands of San Francisco Bay," a book co-created by James A. Martin and Michael T. Lee. It’s a one of a kind reference book, as it features images, history and ecology for all of the islands in the Bay."

Michelle Moday, Editor

San Francisco Bay Crossings

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